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Bitcoin Payments 101

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Are you a Business Owner or Executive fed up of paying high credit card processing fees? Are you losing money due to fraudulent chargebacks? Are you trying to find new customers by standing out from your competitors? Are you tired of dealing with unfriendly banks who keep making you jump through more hoops to access your money?

If you want to grow your business, lower your payment processing costs and cut payment fraud, this book is ideal for you.

This guide will help your company to start quickly and easily accepting cryptocurrency payments such as Bitcoin without learning about the complex and technical details of how the technology works.

Most blogs, websites and YouTube videos are far too technical when it comes to crypto.

This book helps business people who need to learn about Bitcoin from scratch and start accepting payments using simple technology that doesn’t require an army of IT Consultants to set up.

This Book is split into 4 parts which will cover the following topics:

[Part 1 - Cryptocurrency Basics]
- How To Be Your Own Bank
- Bitcoin Wallets
- Types of Cryptocurrency

[Part 2 – Why Accept Cryptocurrency]
- Reasons
- How to Accept Cryptocurrencies
- Examples of Businesses Accepting Crypto Payments
- How to Help Your Customers Buy and Spend Crypto

[Part 3 – Accounting and Compliance]
- Challenges
- Tax
- Volatility

[Part 4 – The Future]
- The Future of Work
- Crypto Job Marketplaces, Global Freelancing and Crypto Payroll
- Crypto Platforms and Utilities
- The Future of Government

[Format: PDF eBook ]
- 50 pages (A4)

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Bitcoin Payments 101

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